• I am a 49 year-old Polymer Research Chemist and I have been suffering with an array of problems that have been getting worse over the last 10-15 years of my life. The worst of these conditions has been the accumulation of calcium deposits in my right shoulder, resulting in intense and constantly throbbing pain that reached a point where it was impossible to move my arm easily or to get a good night’s sleep. Add to this chronic cough and fatigue that have plagued me for years, a sore back from an injury I sustained falling off a ladder a decade ago, and a knee that ached with changing weather from a broken kneecap injury I had about twenty years ago and you can see I was not at my best in the health department.

I have gone to various doctors over the years and have been given treatments with anti-inflammatory drugs that ended up leaving me with chronic indigestion. The pain medications I had been prescribed gave me aches in my lower back, and all the doctors gave the same treatments: prescription drugs. All with side-effects I wanted to avoid. I was at the point of giving up. Then my wife gave me Anna’s business card.

Anna has been treating me now for approximately four months, and over that time I have seen an overall improvement in my health. My chronic cough has disappeared and my back and knee no longer bother me. My shoulder has improved so much that I can now get a good night’s sleep without waking up from the pain. My indigestion has almost disappeared, which is a miracle to me since I have had such chronic indigestion for decades and my energy level has improved.

For anyone interested in improving their overall health at a reasonable cost , I would recommend Anna’s help.

David Rybarczyk
St. John, IN

•I saw an article in the Shopper that changed my life. The headline read, Do you have Fibromyalgia? I called Anna and scheduled an appointment, I happen to have read that on a pain filled day, and I was sick of being sick. I've been under Anna's treatment for about 4 months, and have noticed great changes in my overall health. The pain is less and my energy is more. I tell anyone that is willing to listen about her, and her gentle way to heal using nature. Pam Schulte Dyer, IN
•I started going to Anna Coniglio in February, 2008 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Through the use of Bioenergetic Stress Testing, nutrition, herbal and homeopathic medicine, Anna has brought me to a significant healing! She has also, through her expert guidance and real empathy for my problems, helped to greatly lower my stress level, lower pain due to spine curvature and arthritis, and lower my blood presssure. Currently, we are working to strengthen my bones due to osteopenia. Thanks to Anna's expertise I am getting my life back on track! D. S. Dyer, In.
•I have been battling with high cholesterol, the doctor wanted to put me on drugs, but I refused. I was referred to Anna Coniglio. I called her and scheduled an appointment, I was open minded to natural treatment. I tried herbal supplements along with diet changes, and less then four months my cholesterol was 40 points lower, and I have lost weight as well without even trying and my energy level has also increased. After making these changes, I have notice such a difference in my health! Thanks Anna for all your help! M.C. Gary, In.
•I have osteoarthritis for 10 years, when the weather turns cold my joints become very painful and stiff. I have been on pain medications for years. Since I began to follow Anna's principles along with nutritional supplementation I notice a big reduction in my pain, and best of all I am able to sleep at night. I will never go back to my old lifestyle! Thanks Anna for your amazing work and helping me to develop the confidence to take control of my health! L.B. Steger, IL.
•I am 39 years- old battling with Acid Reflux and no antacids could help me. I have been looking for a way to get healthy and ready for a change, but I needed some guidance. A friend recommended to go see Anna Coniglio, with confidence that she would be able to help me. After few weeks being on a personalized wellness program and with the use of homeopathic and herbal remedies my condition improved dramatically. I needed to make some changes as well, necessary for my best possible health. I felt motivated and empowered by her knowledge! I want to thank Anna for her expertise and guidance on this journey, I am now on no meds, and no longer I battle with Acid Reflux! Being on the right path of a healthy lifestyle has helped me to be a better person. C.C. IL.

•I am 45 years old, diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia known as enlarged prostate. I found myself urinating at least three or four times during the night. I got Anna's business card from a health food store near by. The next day I scheduled an appointment. Her approach offered me a source of support and education. She used a wide variety of therapies such as nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathic remedies. I have really noticed a huge difference after only couple of weeks been on the program, which promoted shrinkage of my prostate gland and also improved urinary function. My urologist was amazed by my recent examination. He comfirmed my prostate was no longer enlarged, and I have been able to sleep without getting up through the night. I am so grateful! I feel healthy. I hope my testimonial can help others.

Anna I can never thank you enough for all your help!

Schererville, In.

•Anna, I can't begin to tell you how much better I feel, thanks to your expertise. I am so glad I was given your name. My digestion was giving me trouble causing stomach spasms making me think I was having heart trouble. But thanks to the probiotics that I purchased from you, my life is much better. Thank you again.

Dorothy Rendina
Merrillville, In.

•Anna has been treating me for one year now for a very serious and painful nerve problem, Trigeminal Neuralgia. When I first arrived at her office I had my face wrapped up with a scarf because any wind on the left side of my face would trigger excrutiating pain. Today I can go outside without a scarf. Through the use of herbs and homeopathic medicine and Anna’s determination to help me. I am pain free today. I guess you can say I learned the hard way because once I started to feel better I stopped taking the homeopathic drops and soon discovered that I needed to stay on them to continue my healing process. What a lifesaver Anna has been in my healing journey. Thank you Anna!

Shirley T.
Valparaiso, IN