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BioMeridian Stress Testing

We offer a complete system analysis tested through a computerized program. BioMeridian Stress Testing is a painless, non-invasive procedure. The process involves measuring electrical conductivity in different meridian points on the skin-typically on the hands and feet. These measurements are recorded to help provide a person's profile of present condition. The primary objective of this procedure is to disclose patterns of stress and provide a new perspective on the overall health of your body. In general the first visit could take an hour and a half or longer. It begins by collecting medical history, [evaluate lifestyle information, diet, eating habits], and addressing health conditions.

Natural Therapies

Naturopaths focus to restore health by using natural therapies and other forms of natural healing.

Life Style Modifications

True health is accomplished through modifing and changing lifestyle habits.


A nutritious balanced diet is the foundation to good health and vitality. The food we eat impact how we feel today and in the future.

Herbal and Nutritional Supplementation

Herbal medicines are used as tonics to strengthen either an organ or system, or the whole body. Nutrition supplementations are essential to keep your body functioning at its optimal level and from preventing nutrition deficiencies.

Flower essences

Flower essences can have a beneficial effect for emotional and mental state. Doctor Edward Bach discovered that remedies could be made from flowers. He understood that much of our ill health has its origin in our emotional and mental state rather than in the physical body.


Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances. They are non-toxic, do not create side effects, and are safe for adults and children. Based on the principle of "like cure like", homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's self-healing mechanism, rather than simply suppressing symptoms.

Bioenergetic Stress Testing

Bioenergetic testing includes checking hydration, toxic load, organs of elimination, emotion, inherited weakness and nutrition. Some items in nutrition include minerals, vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids.

Disclaimer:  This information is provided for Educational Purpose only and has not been designed to diagnose, treat, or cure any health conditions.