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Anna Coniglio is a Traditional Naturopath who specializes in health and wellness.

Graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health with the degree of Doctor of Naturopathy. "I believe that commitment to one's health is indispensable in order to achieve and maintain to long-lasting and enjoyable wellness and vitality. A Naturopathic approach offers a source of support and education to the individual who is personally motivated to improve his/her health.My focus is on the individual needs of my clients rather than disease, providing natural and safe alternatives.

My mission and goal is to teach and help people discover that they can be in complete control over their own health.

My highest priority is to grow in relationship with my clients, where I am totally committed to listen and their concerns are addressed."

Anna Coniglio, ND

Healing Mind, Body, & Spirit

Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Do Not Harm

Safe and effective natural therapies; naturopaths do not use harmful substances such as drugs and pharmaceuticals.

  • Recognize The Healing Power Of Nature

Naturopaths understand that everyone has a powerful ability for self-healing within ourselves.

  • Find And Eliminate The Cause

Naturopaths seak the root of the problem, rather than trying to eliminate the symptoms.

  • Teach Health

Naturopaths teach clients how to achieve and maintain good health.

  • Honor The Whole Person

Naturopaths treat the whole person, and understand that one "disease" affects every area of life.

  • Prevention Is The Best Cure

Prevention of disease is most accomplished through dietary and life style that supports health.